Meetings and Events

2022-2023 Events
Sept. 11 – VOS board meeting (Classroom 2 in Kelly Edu. Bldg. from 1:30-3:30pm): Everyone welcome

Sept. 18, 2022 – Kelly McCracken from High Desert Orchids: “Fragrant Miniature Orchids”

Oct. 16 – Rob Griesbach, research genetics in Floral and Nursery Plants: “Orchid Breeding History”

Nov. 13 – Harry Gallis MD, an AOS Judge and President of Triangle OS: “Dendrobium Species Culture”

Dec. 4 – Member Bingo Holiday Party, at the Faison Center

Jan. 8 – VOS board meeting: Everyone welcome

Jan. 15, 2023 – Jeff Morris, acting President of Charlottesville OS: “Tools Techniques Tricks for Orchid Growing”

Feb. 19 – Joe Mathias, VOS member and former student judge: “How to Grow your Orchids and Groom them for the Show”

Mar. 3-5 – Annual VOS-AOS judged show at LGBG

March 19 – Bill Bodei, AOS Trustee Creating: “Beautiful Outdoor Spaces Where Orchids Thrive”

April 23 – VOS board meeting: Everyone welcome

April 16 – Ray Barkalow of First Rays: “The Nutrition of Orchids”

May 21 – Arthur Katz , AOS Judge: “Orchid Hunting in Ecuador”

June 11 – VOS board meeting: Everyone welcome